Anxiety & Wedding Ceremony Planning

Wedding prep is super fun right? It’s a magical experience full of Pinterest boards, wedding registries, and honeymoon options. But with all that planning have you considered the actual ceremony?

When couples choose to book their day with me, the first question I ask is

“What do you envision for your wedding ceremony?”

Typically, I get a deer in the headlights glare because no one ever asks that question.

In the olden days, you would go to your pastor/priest to request your wedding date, maybe go through pre-marriage counseling, have a rehearsal and then show up at the wedding. No planning involved for the actual ceremony. The script is pre-written and has been spoken over countless marriages over time.

So, trust me when I say, I get it.

Planning the ceremony is something new.

Times have surely changed. When booking your wedding day with an independent officiant, the choice to have a traditional or non-traditional ceremony will now be as detailed as your reception and décor. With all the new “unity ceremonies” and add-on’s such as a “rose ceremony” or the “whisky ceremony” or even the “PB&J ceremony” things can get a tad bit overwhelming and may even cause some anxiety…which then leads to avoidance…which leads to choosing someone to just show and read (not recommended).

Mindful Meditation helps you to plan better and helps to relieve anxieties

Mindful Meditation helps you to plan better and helps to relieve anxieties

Here’s is something that I have been incorporating in my life as apart of my self-care that I think will help every bride/groom to be less overwhelmed as it pertains to planning the wedding ceremony.

Let’s do a quick activity (read first apply later preferably during your meditation).

1.       Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths for 1 full minute

2.       Think about getting ready on your wedding day

3.       Think about your wedding dress

4.       Envision the doors opening and walking down the aisle toward your Groom

5.       Imagine now standing in front of your Groom and Officiant

Now, what words do you want to hear? Are you nervous? If so, what will calm you? A funny love story? A sentimental poem? Will performing cultural or religious wedding traditions make you feel like “Yassss, its finally happening?!” Will having your favorite family member or friend sing a song or read a passage be comforting to you? Will you feel supported if your guest were involved in some way?

You’ve been to plenty of weddings where you’ve heard and seen things you DEFINITELY wouldn’t want incorporated in your ceremony so talk about them. Pinterest it if you must! What do you want for your wedding ceremony?

Your ceremony is what legally binds you in marriage. And I say this all the time: It’s the difference between throwing a big party or have a real wedding. Take the time to envision your ceremony details and that will make your wedding day all the more memorable.

XO, Minister Sharnise