Pre-Marital or Marriage Coaching is a great way to Save Your Marriage before it starts!

It is NOT designed as a predictor of success or failure in marriage (no matter the outcome, you’re sure to win!). Rather, it is the perfect solution to exploring how you can leverage the combination of your personalities for a lifelong love.  The process is completely CONFIDENTIAL and the results of your assessment and coaching sessions are held privately and will never be made public.

Pricing for the assessment is just $35 and each 1.5 hour session is $125.

Coaching Sessions can be done virtually from the comfort of your home or in a public/private meeting space. Whatever your comfort level is, saving your marriage before it starts (or in some cases, while its happening) is totally worth the investment!

Pre-Marriage Coaching uncovers many hot topics and subjects that many couples just don't consider such as:

Marriage Mindset • Self-concept • Maturity • Independence • Longevity • Stress • Psychological Caution Flags • Cohabitation • Unrealistic Expectations • Baggage • Spiritual Beliefs • Finances • Role Expectations • Personality • Love • Sex • Attitudes and Happiness • Communication  • Conflict Management • Spiritual Intimacy • Re-marriage (if relevant) • Blending a Family (if relevant) and More!

Are you ready to S.Y.M.B.I.S?


Call 440-497-0024 or click the link below to book your private sessions!